Automatic Compact Palletizer



FARMARM is an ultra-compact palletizer suitable for low-speed production plants, that stands for its easy installation, management, and maintenance.


  • Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Beetroots, Parsnips.
  • Grain, Seeds, Fertilizers.
  • Animal Feed, Pet Food.
Bag types:
  • Mesh, Raschel, Woven, Jute, Paper, Plastic.

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•     Machine has a modular design to optimize layout and customization for individual client requirements, and serial production optimization.

•     The core of this palletizing system is composed of the structure in which the three Cartesian axis systems, performing the pallet formation.  

•     All major movement are equipped and controlled by inverter (frequency controller) which gives very long-life operations and high performance and extremely accuracy with help of encoders.

We offer complete bag infeed lines with a bag turner or a bag kicker.

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